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• NP Series Machines are general purpose 2d/3D Milling & Engraving Machines.
• These Machines are supplied with C5 Class Ball Screws and LM Guideways.
• All Axis with Digital AC Servo Motors and Drives.
• The machines structures are of Cast Iron and designed for Industrial grade Engraving on non-metals as well as steel.
• PC based CNC Controller Software with 2.5D CAM is included as standard supply.
• Upto 2.0 KW High Frequency Spindles with optional Tool Changers are supplied with NP series Machines.

BR3525 NP
BR5535 NP
Gantry Construction
Table Clamping Ares mm 350 x 250 550 x 350
XYZ Movement mm 300 x 200 x 80 450 x 300 x 160
 Guideways All axes with Linear Motion Guide ways
 Ball Screws  C5 Class Ground Ball Screws
Gate Height mm 90 170
Feed Rate m/min 0-5 0-5
 Axes Motors  AC Servo motors on all axes
Axes Motor Torque Nm 0.6 1.2
Max. Job Weight Kgs 10 50
Positioning Accuracy Microns 0.02 0.02
Repeatability Microns 0.01 0.01
Spindle Power KW 0.80 2.2
Spindle Speed- MAX RPM 24000 24000
Spindle Drive Type   AC Vector AC Vector
CNC Controller   Soft CNC Soft CNC/ Optional Hardware Contoller
Tool Changer-optional   4 tools Linear 6 Tools Linear
Machine Weight Kgs 150 450

Configure it as an Electrode Miller or use it for cutting high precision Aerospace or Automobile components upto Five Axis.
Rigid, Stable, Reliable.
Tool craft CNC Mini Mills Centers are designed to step up your shop floor productivity.
Machine Structures are made from close grained Cast Iron, duly stress relieved and assembled with high precision LM guideways and C3    class ground Ball Screws.
Fully Digital or Analog, upto 5 Axis Simultaneous CNC Controller with advanced Machining features.
High Frequency Spindle with Vector Control, Liquid Cooled, and upto 50,000 RPM.

Description Units BR5535 EX BR8060 EX
Type     Gantry Construction
Table Clamping Ares mm 470 x 375 800 x 600
XYZ Movement mm 450 x 300 x 200 800 x 600 x 200
Guideways High Precision Linear Motion Guide ways
Ball Screws C3 Class Ground on all axes
Gate Height mm 200 250
Feed Rate m/min 0-10 0-10
Axis Motors AC Servo motors on all axes
Axis Motor Torque Nm 2.4 4.5
Max. Job Weight Kgs 50 100
Positioning Accuracy Microns 0.01 0.01
Repeatability Microns 0.08 0.08
Spindle Power KW 2.2 / 3.6 4.0
Spindle Speed RPM 3000-24000 HF 3000-24000 HF
Spindle Drive Type   Vector Vector
CNC Controller   Upto 5 Axis Simultaneous Upto 5 Axis Simultaneous
Tool Changer-optional   8 Tools Carousel Type 10 Tools Carousel Type
Machine Weight Kgs 1000 1600
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 * Optional Linear Scale Feedback - 5 Micron Positioning Accuracy

EX series with Rotary and Siemens CNC Controller
Ex Series with Linear Auto Tool Changer
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